Couples Counseling

I utilize “Imago Relationship Therapy” in couples counseling.  I am not a “certified” Imago Therapist but have studied and used the concepts successfully.

I do not by any means claim Imago Relationship Therapy is the only path to success, but it’s the only one I feel confident with while performing couples therapy.  There are other competent therapists in this area that do wonderful things with other methodologies.

If you are considering speaking with me about couples counseling, I suggest you do some reading on Imago Therapy first to see if it’s something that interests you.  Here are some resources:

The below link will take you to the “official” Imago site where you can learn the basics and if you wish, you may find a therapist that has been through their rigorous training to become a “Certified Imago Therapist”.

Imago Website


The founder of Imago is Harville Hendrix and he co-wrote a book that became very successful . You can check it out on amazon here:

Getting The Love You Want





Finally, here is Oprah Winfrey’s take on Imago Therapy.