First Blog Post

My name is Rob Wakeley and I’m the author of “Resolution Trust” a eBook available on  The following is my story:

I was born in Rochester, New York in 1960. I grew up in the suburbs until 1974 when I was sent off to Prep school in New Hampshire. From there I went to Boston to get a degree in criminal justice and become a cop.  I actually became a cop and very quickly changed my major to accounting.

I spent the next 23 years as a finance executive for companies like Dell, Kay Jewelers and Neiman Marcus.

At 45 I had my mid-life crisis, quit my job at Dell, went back to school to get a Masters in Counseling, became a firefighter/paramedic and then after graduation became a licensed mental health therapist.

For those who like to know these kinds of things my schools in order of attendance were: The New Hampton School, Northeastern University and St. Edwards University.  I’m 55 and still paying tuition debt.

I’ve lived in Rochester, New Hampshire, Boston, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Dallas, Orlando, Austin, Puerto Rico and now Sandpoint, Idaho where I have a private practice as a therapist and am a freelance videographer and writer.  I am single and have never been married.  I am certain every woman who read that last sentence raised an eyebrow.

The book I’m working on now is titled “The Art of Being Alone” which explores various ways to meet social and emotional intimacy needs while being single.

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